It’s official : Bryan Singer will not realize the feature film “Red Sonja”, whose production had been put on stand-by last month. Twentieth Century Fox It’s official : Bryan Singer will not feature film Red Sonja, whose production had been put on stand-by last month by Millenium Films. According to the website The Hollywood Reporter , the reason for this departure is not due to the charges of sexual assault on a minor, whose Singer is the subject, but to the impossibility of finding an american distributor, as the filmmaker is involved on the project. This would indicate that the Millennium has always the willingness to put work on the film. The project of a new feature centered on the formidable fighter Red Sonja is in the board of Millennium Films since the age of eleven, when Robert Rodriguez was working on a version featuring Rose McGowan. After that the name of Amber Heard have been mentioned for the role in 2011, the project had disappeared from the radar before being revived by the end of 2017 after the success of Wonder Woman, and then at the end of 2018 with the arrival of Bryan Singer behind the camera. As a reminder, the character of Red Sonja appeared for the first time in the pages of a comic-book Marvel in 1973, in the universe of Conan. In 1985, it has been interpreted on the big screen by Brigitte Nielsen Kalidor, la l├ęgende du talisman, a movie, led by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The trailer of “Kalidor : the legend of the talisman”, with Brigitte Nielsen in the role of Red Sonja : Kalidor : the legend of the talisman trailer VO

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